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A free public day school on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno.

About The Davidson Academy of Nevada

History and Overview
Opened in the fall of 2006, The Davidson Academy of Nevada is a free public school for profoundly gifted middle and high school students. The Academy was established through state legislation in 2005 designating it as a “university school for profoundly gifted pupils.” The 2007 Nevada State Legislature passed additional legislation providing Distributed School Account (DSA) funding to the Academy (Nevada Revised Statute 392A). Located on the University of Nevada, Reno campus, students attend middle and high school classes at the Academy, and may access university courses for advanced studies.

In addition to the support of the State of Nevada, The Davidson Academy enjoys the support of the University of Nevada, Reno, which recognizes the exceptional learning needs of profoundly gifted students. Bob and Jan Davidson play a key role in the funding, operation, and governance of the Academy, along with other state leaders. The Davidson Academy is affiliated with the Davidson Institute for Talent Development (www.DavidsonGifted.org), a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted young people. The Institute offers several programs for students living anywhere in the U.S. including a summer program, scholarship, and a free, national consulting service for parents/students.

While grade levels are not designated, Davidson Academy students must meet and/or exceed high school graduation requirements defined by the state of Nevada, as well as participate in state testing to document Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).

While at The Davidson Academy, each student participates in developing and implementing a Personalized Learning Plan that serves as a roadmap for academic and personal goals, as well as future opportunities. See the Academic Overview page for more information.

Academy courses are taught by licensed teachers and university instructors. In addition to Academy courses, students may also participate in courses at the University of Nevada, Reno, under a dual enrollment agreement. Academy students may access university professors as mentors in subject areas of interest.

Mission and Goals
Gifted children range in levels from mildly and moderately to highly and profoundly gifted. Since profoundly gifted children are in the extreme range of intellectual needs, they are often underserved by schools, which must focus on their core mission of serving the majority of their student population.

The mission of The Davidson Academy is to provide profoundly gifted young people an advanced educational opportunity matched to their abilities, strengths and interests.

The goals of The Davidson Academy are:

  • To provide a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) that appropriately challenges each student’s abilities allowing her/him to engage in learning opportunities at a pace and depth consistent with the student’s knowledge, skills and personal motivations;
  • To allow students the opportunity to develop their talents and skills at an advanced level and be supported by teachers, professors and other experts in their fields of interest;
  • To provide students an opportunity to learn with intellectual peers;
  • To provide students a learning environment that fosters integrity, personal responsibility, conscientious citizenship, understanding and an appreciation of individual differences, along with respect for others;
  • To provide students guidance in identifying and developing their unique talents and abilities, counseling for the college application process, the procurement of scholarships, and access to professional areas of interest and career counseling;
  • To encourage students to develop their talents, abilities and leadership skills in positive ways while in pursuit of knowledge;
  • To engage parents in the learning process and provide opportunities for understanding and nurturing their children.

Davidson Academy of Nevada – School Profile (PDF)

Davidson Academy of Nevada – Printed Materials
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