Online Campus - Admissions Process

Application Timeline

The 2019-2020 application is open. Visit the Qualification Criteria and How to Apply pages to start your application.

Application & Assessment Fee

The Davidson Academy Online application and assessment fee is $100 for out-of-state applicants and free for Nevada residents. Once your application is complete, you will be provided with the application and assessment fee payment form link.

Assessment Process

Davidson Academy Online conducts a thorough assessment process modeled after the assessment best practices developed during the past decade at the Reno campus. The goal of the assessment process is to determine goodness-of-fit between the Davidson Academy and applicants. We rely on the assessment process to identify applicants who are most likely to be successful and to contribute to the intellectual and social vitality of the school community. Once the application is complete, it will be reviewed by our admissions team to determine if the applicant is recommended for the assessment process. There are two stages to the assessment process.

Stage 1 - Objective Assessments

Students complete objective, online assessments in mathematics, science and reading to determine readiness. The online assessments will be available once the applicant is recommended for the assessment process. Students will have a maximum of two weeks to complete all assessments. All online assessments are proctored. Once a single assessment is started, it must be completed in the same sitting. All assessments have time limits. Detailed information about accessing the assessments will be sent by the Admissions and Records Manager once the applicant is recommended for the assessment process.

Stage 2  - Interactive Assessments

Based upon the results of the objective assessments, students who show readiness for Davidson Academy Online curriculum will be invited to complete the writing and discussion component of the assessment process. This assessment requires students to respond to specific writing prompts, submit their writing digitally, receive feedback, revise their writing, and participate in a live group discussion about the topic. Participation in the scheduled live session is required. During this stage we are looking at students' writing readiness, critical thinking skills, ability to incorporate feedback into their writing, and the ability to participate effectively in online discussions.

Online interviews with Davidson Academy staff members may also be scheduled. Separate interviews will be scheduled for students and parents. The interview process gives everyone the opportunity to ask personalized questions to help determine whether the Online School is a good fit for any particular student.

Course Placement

All newly accepted students will participate in a two week diagnostic period to ensure appropriate course placement. This two week period takes place before the start of classes.

Orientation will be held in mid-August followed by a diagnostic period. Courses are run in accordance with the Reno campus academic calendar