Core Values

At the Davidson Academy, we recognize the importance of a well-balanced education. It is expected the students not only learn about academic subjects, but that they also learn about themselves and how to interact effectively with those around them. We value strong character and solid core values as integral components to general well-being and success.


  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with others.
  • Take ownership of my choices and actions.
  • Be accountable for my school work and commitments.
  • Persevere with fortitude and optimism.
  • Be patient, and exercise self-control.


  • Be honest with myself and others.
  • Do my own work.
  • Be honorable in my words, actions and deeds.
  • Be courageous in standing up for fairness and truth.


  • Have realistic expectations of myself and others.
  • Be flexible and resilient in pursuing desired outcomes.
  • Manage my time to include friendship, fun and scholarship.
  • Seek assistance from those with experience.


  • Master the ability to lead myself, and then take responsibility to lead others.
  • Recognize and respect others’ leadership qualities.
  • Take personal responsibility to improve my relationships, particularly with my family and friends as well as the communities of the Academy, UNR, Reno and Northern Nevada.
  • Represent the Davidson Academy in a positive light in and away from school.

Pursuit of Knowledge

  • Be dedicated to personal and intellectual growth and discovery.
  • Collaborate with others to gain understanding and perspective.
  • Listen thoughtfully and carefully.
  • Strive for personal excellence.
  • Think big.
  • Do not limit my vision of what I can achieve and contribute.


  • Be kind.
  • Be polite, courteous and inclusive of all Academy students.
  • Recognize perspectives that vary from my own, and accept that I will not always agree.
  • Value the contributions and commitment of myself and others.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."