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Online Single-Course Enrollments

The Davidson Academy online campus offers English and math courses for single-course enrollment. Single-course enrollments have the same curriculum and workload expectations as Davidson Academy Online courses. Courses run from August 2021 – May 2022.

Step 1: Qualification

  • Applicants must be working at least at a 6th grade level at time of application.
  • See Eligibility
  • Applicants submitting ACT or SAT scores must meet the minimum score posted for the subject for which they are applying.

Step 2: Application

  • Open this fall.
  • Same application as Davidson Academy.
  • Access our Application System.
  • The application fee is $100 per student.

Step 3: Assessment

Applicants will complete an abbreviated version of the full-time, academic readiness assessment for each course to which they apply.

All single course applicants will complete the online learning readiness assessment and student interview.

Single course English applicants will complete the reading and writing assessment activities on Thursday and Friday of the assessment window as well as the critical reading test.

Single course math applicants will complete the math readiness test.

Step 4: Acceptance

Acceptance decisions will be emailed no earlier than four weeks of completed assessment.


Each course is taught by Davidson Academy instructors and offered for credit through the Davidson Academy. All courses are for the full year. Tuition is $2,500  (free for Nevada residents). Other expenses include a $60 University of Nevada, Reno fee for English students and the cost of textbooks. The Davidson Academy does not offer financial assistance for single courses.




Email for more information.