Online Campus - Academics

Davidson Academy Online is fully accredited through AdvancED.

Prospective Learning Plan

Students along with their parent(s), an Academy guidance counselor and the curriculum team create a Prospective Learning Plan (PLP).

The purpose of the PLP is to deepen and strengthen the learning experience for all Davidson Academy Online students. PLPs are consistent with the Davidson Academy philosophy of treating students as individuals who are invested in their own learning.

The PLP is an adaptable document that is used to guide students through a rigorous core curriculum and help them make elective decisions based upon their interests and commensurate to their levels of ability, achievement and motivation. Students, with adult guidance, including staff and parents, propose ideas for the personalization process. Personalization is not "doing your own thing" or altering the core requirements; it is the core experience with a variety of options based on student interest and competence. Personalization also refers to adapting individual classroom experiences to provide students with a pace and depth appropriate to their abilities and interests.

With students and their parent(s) participating in the process, PLPs are formally reviewed and revised at least once each academic year.

Davidson Academy Online - High School Graduation Requirements

28 total credits (23 required subject area courses and 5 required electives) 
English - 4 credits
Science - 4 credits
Mathematics - 4 credits
History - 3 credits
World Languages - 3 credits
Physical Education - 2 credits
Arts/Humanities - 2 credits
Computer Literacy - 1/2 credit
Health - 1/2 credit

Policy Statement on Acceleration

Our mission is to provide an appropriately challenging education that focuses on depth, quality, and rigor rather than speed. Since students of high ability are homogeneously grouped, instructors are able to teach classes at very advanced levels and use methods that provoke understanding, thought and debate. Academy online high school courses are already accelerated two to three years. Thus, our goal is not to rush students through to early graduation, but to allow them to enjoy a full high school experience aligned with our academic benchmarks.

University Classes

We expect the majority of students' core subject coursework to be taken through Davidson Academy Online until they have exhausted the academically appropriate options offered. Our classes are smaller, have age appropriate support and content, have significantly more teacher input and feedback, are specifically designed for the needs of our students, and in many cases, are more rigorous than the entry-level university coursework.

The administrative team makes decisions about which classes count for what type of credit. Some university coursework will be counted as elective credit rather than core credit. Students may ask questions during advisement about which classes count for what type of credit.