Reno Day School - Application Review Process

The information on this page is for students who plan to live in Reno, Nev. to attend the Davidson Academy public day school located on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. For those interested in Davidson Academy Online for students living anywhere in the United States, please visit the Online section of our website.


The Davidson Academy is committed to helping students succeed. One way we can help ensure success is through the application screening process. Extra time is taken during this process to make sure that the school is a good fit for students and their families. Following is a general outline of what you can expect when you apply to the Davidson Academy's Reno school.

Step 1: Submit an Application

Please visit the How to Apply page.

Step 2: Application Review Process

Applications submitted by the first of the month will go through an initial review by a team of education professionals to determine if an assessment will be offered, if more information is needed, or if the Academy is not a good academic fit for the student at that time.

If an assessment date is offered, the Academy will make every effort to provide timely interview dates, keeping family travel in mind.

If the applicant is not offered an interview, a decision letter will be mailed by the end of the submission month. Included in this letter will be an explanation of why an assessment is not being offered.

The Davidson Academy public website will be updated to reflect any changes in the application review process, and those who have submitted complete or partial application materials will be notified directly of any changes.

Step 3: Academic Readiness Assessment

An academic readiness assessment is an exceptionally important part of the application process. Student and parent interviews, as well as student assessment activities, are conducted in person at the Reno Davidson Academy for students who meet or exceed the published Qualification Criteria. Students meet with an Academy staff member for a 10-15 minute conversation about their goals and interests. Students also participate in a full day of assessment activities. Parents meet with an Academy staff member for a 30-45 minute casual conversation about the type of educational experiences they are seeking for the applicant and to ask questions in a one-on-one setting. Parents may also elect to participate in a tour of the Davidson Academy as well as a University of Nevada, Reno campus tour.

The purpose of this academic readiness assessment is to determine the goodness of fit between student candidates and the Davidson Academy. This curriculum based measurement offers a strong indication of an applicant’s likelihood of success at the Academy. Because the assessment directly reflects the daily work of Academy students, it provides information beyond that which can be gleaned from standardized achievement and IQ tests. IQ tests reflect potential, which is of great importance, but academic readiness is about determining which skill sets are already in place. Therefore, the results of this assessment are a significant part of the overall acceptance process.

For an example of the Davidson Academy's assessment, please review the Assessment Example (PDF).

Step 4: Post- Assessment

Once an assessment has been completed, there will be a final review by the application and curriculum team. Decision letters will be sent within two weeks of an assessment stating if a student has been accepted, declined or wait-listed. Every attempt will be made to maintain this review schedule. However, to ensure fair and careful consideration of all applications, it may be necessary to extend a notification date.

If accepted, a student will receive an acceptance package that includes an Intent to Attend letter. This letter needs to be completed and returned to the Academy in order to hold a space for the upcoming school year. If a student is not accepted, included in their letter will be an explanation of why an offer to attend the Academy is not being made at this time.

Parents of accepted students will be contacted by the curriculum team the summer before their Academy start date to schedule a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) meeting and to let the parents know what enrollment forms are needed. Depending on the student, additional information may be requested for ability grouping and placement purposes.

A Parent and Student Orientation will be held the week before school starts and all enrollment forms need to be completed at this time.

Please note that Reno Davidson Academy students must have a physical address in or around Reno prior to the start of classes.