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Academics FAQs

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Davidson Academy's academic offerings.

How is the program different from other schools?

Are students able to choose from the various options, i.e., classroom, University, or independent coursework?

When are students able to take University courses?

How does a student attending the Davidson Academy get to a college class during the day?

Do students learn on their own or with other students?

What type of homework is required of students?

How big are Academy classes?

Do Academy students receive support and guidance to manage their often intense feelings, emotions and perfectionistic tendencies?

How does the Academy work with twice-exceptional (2e) students?

What is the Prospective Learning Plan process?

What roles can parents play to support the Academy and the education of their student(s)?

What types of college planning assistance are offered?

When is school in session?

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