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Prospective Learning Plans

Students along with their parent(s), an Academy guidance counselor, and the curriculum team create a Prospective Learning Plan (PLP).

The purpose of the Prospective Learning Plan is to deepen and strengthen the learning experience for all Davidson Academy students. Prospective  Learning Plans are consistent with the Davidson Academy philosophy of treating students as individuals who are invested in their own learning.

The PLP is an adaptable document that is used to guide students through a rigorous core curriculum and help them make elective decisions based upon their interests and commensurate to their levels of ability, achievement, and motivation. Students, with adult guidance, including staff and parents, propose ideas for the personalization process. PLPs are not “doing your own thing” or altering the core curriculum; they are the core curriculum experience with a variety of options based on student interest and competence. PLPs also involve adapting individual classroom experiences to provide students with a pace and depth appropriate to their abilities and interests.

With students and their parent(s) participating in the process, PLPs are reviewed and revised at least once each academic year.

“One thing is very clear. The Academy is here to help students who want to learn. You can see this quality in its prospective learning plan. Every year, during the first few weeks of the school year, the Academy develops a learning schedule for each student. This way, rather than being separated by grade, students are placed into classes based on their academic ability. One student may be taking a class for advanced math and another may be taking a class for advanced writing skills. More importantly, these classes are taught wonderfully . . . The incredible teachers were one of the things that surprised me the most about the Davidson Academy. They are always ready to help students learn in any way they can, whether that means answering their questions outside of class or providing positive feedback. They are kind, knowledgeable mentors, who take an interest in helping students learn their material. More importantly, they make the content interesting!” ~Davidson Academy Student