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What We Do

In 2006, the Davidson Academy opened as the first free public school of its kind for profoundly gifted students with classes grouped by ability, not age. In 2017, the Academy launched the accredited Davidson Academy Online for profoundly gifted students living anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. The Davidson Academy offers a rigorous middle and high school level curriculum for exceptionally gifted students ages 9 and up who can learn and interact with same-age, intellectual peers.

Educational Achievement

Seeing an individual reach their academic goals and then push them further is the ultimate reward for us. Our focus on eliminating the impossible for profoundly gifted students is a constant and evolving practice and we consistently innovate to ensure students and educators never have to rein in their talents and abilities.

Personal Development

We instill a set of core values in our students to prepare them to become leaders and contribute their talents and intellect to society. We cultivate an environment where students can experience a sense of independence and have ownership over their actions and influences. This applies to both their classroom responsibilities and their relationships with educators, friends and family.

Connecting Highly Gifted Youth to Their Potential

The Davidson Academy guides profoundly gifted youth to learn at a level that aligns with their abilities, in a nurturing environment that recognizes their potential and provides them with a sense of ownership over their education, abilities and individual growth. We recognize the need for a holistic framework around educating profoundly gifted students, which has led to a learning environment that is collaborative, challenging, and supportive for students, educators, and families. Our vision has driven our emphasis on making gifted education accessible by minimizing socioeconomic barriers with a tuition-free campus in Reno, Nevada; and geographic ties with an online campus where any profoundly gifted student in the nation has the opportunity to receive the education they deserve.