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Gifted Curriculum for Middle School

Student working on a dissectionAt the Davidson Academy, the gifted curriculum for middle school is structured around high school level material. Teachers’ expectations take into account the social, emotional and developmental needs of students at this level. An advanced curriculum based on core courses is taught in a manner that incorporates age-appropriate methods as younger Academy students are typically in these courses. Content in middle school classes is often broken into smaller units for teaching and testing purposes. Since middle school transcripts are impermanent and do not follow students after graduation, middle school is an opportune time for students to acclimate to the demands of a highly rigorous curriculum.

Middle School Gifted Courses

The Davidson Academy’s classes group students by ability rather than age, offering middle and high school-level curricula for exceptionally gifted students ages 9 and up. We are a fully-accredited school for exceptionally gifted students and have centered on interpersonal and instructional-based learning, creating a vibrant atmosphere with intellectual energy and dialogue.

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Prospective Learning Plan (PLP)

The PLP is an adaptable document that is used to guide students through a rigorous core curriculum and help them make elective decisions based on their interests and commensurate with their levels of ability, achievement, and motivation.

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Teaching Methods

Gifted middle school courses at the Academy are taught by a variety of licensed secondary teachers, university professors, and qualified community members. Teacher selection is based upon a combination of traits which include professional qualifications, sincere warmth, ingenuity, and passion for their subject areas and for teaching.

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Academics FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Davidson Academy’s academic offerings and gifted curriculum for middle school. Learn more about class sizes, logistics of university course offerings, and other specific information about the Davidson Academy’s unique educational approach.

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