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Summer Programs

THINK Summer Institute smiling students

In 2006, the Davidson Academy opened as the first school of its kind for profoundly gifted middle and high school students. In the years prior to the school's opening, the Davidsons established the Davidson Institute, a 501(c)3 operating foundation designed to help our nation's most gifted youth reach their highest potential.

In 2004, the first annual THINK Summer Institute, a three-week academic summer camp for students (ages 13-16) to earn college credits, was held on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Attendees stated that this was the first time they have been challenged academically.

The Davidsons decided to create the Academy as an outgrowth of the THINK Summer Institute and Young Scholars program, upon learning of the interest shown by many parents.

The years following led to the creation of the STARS Summer Camp and REACH Summer Seminar. See details on these Davidson Institute summer programs for profoundly gifted students below! 

Davidson Institute Residential Summer Programs

STARS Summer Camp

A five day residential summer program focused on supporting the academic and social needs of Young Scholars, ages 8 - 11.

REACH Summer Seminar

An academically challenging 10-day residential experience among intellectually peers for our Young Scholars, ages 11 - 13.

THINK Summer Institute

A three-week residential experience with the chance to earn college credit for highly gifted students, ages 13 - 16.

A Day in the Life

See a typical day in the life of a Davidson Academy online campus student and Davidson Academy Reno campus student.

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