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Davidson Academy’s curriculum enables Academy graduates to leave with a solid, broad-based foundation of knowledge. Unlike many traditional school settings, the Academy’s classes are not grouped by age-based grades but by demonstrated ability level.

Our curriculum is designed for highly gifted children and teens. Each student creates an individualized Prospective Learning Plan, working with their family, guidance counselor, and curriculum team.

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The Academy offers two types of credit: middle school and high school. Given the asynchronous nature of highly gifted young people, middle school level students frequently access both levels of curriculum simultaneously. There are a number of objectives integrated across both levels to help ensure that students leave with a solid foundation of knowledge. These include:

  • All levels follow a core curriculum in English, math, history, science, world languages, and electives to fulfill Academy graduation requirements.

  • Classes are taught at an advanced level with high expectations.

  • Emphasis is placed on critical thinking across all subjects.

  • The Academy is a “writing-across-the-curriculum” school. Writing is integrated into all classes.

Curriculum Overview (PDF)

Principles that guide our curriculum: What’s different about our classes?

Reno Campus Assessment

Information specific to assessment at the Reno campus.


Offered for high school credit.

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Middle School Curriculum

Middle school curriculum is structured around high school level material. 

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High School Curriculum

High school core curriculum is not structured around a traditional high school program but is instead based on college-level course work.

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