Academic Overview

The Davidson Academy’s curriculum is unique because it matches each student’s needs to a curriculum driven by ability grouping and flexibility rather than a “one-size-fits-all” lockstep approach to education. This practice provides an individualized education for each profoundly gifted middle and high school student, giving each an opportunity to learn to the full extent of their abilities in a supportive environment with intellectual peers of similar age.

By working with students and their parents to develop a prospective learning plan (PLP), Academy faculty and staff tailor each student’s education to meet his or her specific needs and interests. Students are provided an appropriately challenging education allowing them to engage in learning opportunities at a pace and depth consistent with their knowledge, skills and personal motivations.

Academics at the Davidson Academy are guided by flexibility, opportunity and rigorous engagement. In a learning community of supportive and collaborative peers, students are expected to take responsibility and ownership for their academic achievement and personal growth as they embark on an intellectual and social journey framed by their strengths and interests.

The learning environment at the Academy is meant to foster integrity, personal responsibility, conscientious citizenship, understanding and appreciation of individual differences, and respect for others.

For a summary, visit the Davidson Academy's School Profile page.

"In my years here, I’ve found that the Academy brings the best kinds of teachers to help their students grow in every way possible. In addition to the wisdom they bring on particular subjects, Davidson teachers are individuals that incessantly push our thinking, teach us to make our own decisions, and want to see every single student find success. They do more than I would’ve thought humanly possible, and seeing it only makes me want to accomplish more in my life. They’ve not only taught me how the world works, but how to analyze it, create my own ideas, and present them to others . . . Here, if someone has the drive and motivation, everything is put at our fingertips to learn, grow, and achieve more than ever thought possible. So, I hope you’ll join us. We need more people like you." ~ Davidson Academy Student