College Advising at the Davidson Academy

Just like the Personalized Learning Process, college guidance is very individualized. Some students have known for a long time what career path they would like to pursue, while others may have no clue. Whichever path a student chooses to pursue; we are in a position to help students find the route that will work best for them. We really encourage our students to be in the driver’s seat with regard to planning their future, but our Student Services Team will be there to ask them the right questions, encourage them along the journey and help them become the best versions of themselves if they choose to do so. Typically, our students begin college planning their sophomore year, but some students begin sooner depending on their goals. Our counselors are in a position to meet with students whenever they wish to begin the process. College guidance services may include:

  • Building a resume
  • Building a college list based off of the student’s criteria and helping them know what to look for
  • Financial planning resources
  • Navigating Naviance
  • College Seminar elective
  • Common Application Boot camp
  • Career planning assessments and development
  • Internship guidance
  • College Day, which is open to all interested families
  • Test preparation resources

Twice a year we provide ongoing evaluation via survey to our families to determine if our student’s needs are being met, what they would like to work on, and if there are areas we can improve upon. In terms of counseling, 99 percent of our students reported that they found that they could trust their counselor, and that their counselor cared about them, etc. Our last Gallup Student Poll indicated that the vast majority of our students feel safe, hopeful and engaged while at school.

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To read some of the information that the Academy provides to colleges, visit the Davidson Academy School Profile. The Academy Curriculum Overview page may also be of interest.

To contact the College Advising team, please send an e-mail to