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The Davidson Academy was referenced in the article, "Discrimination in Gifted Education Must End," which discusses the under-representation of minority and low-income students in gifted programs, and steps taken to correct this (Education Week, January 4, 2017).

The Davidson Academy was featured on a list of the "Top-performing schools with elite students" in America (Washington Post, May 5, 2017). Thank you to Jay Mathews for compiling this list every year!

The Davidson Academy was featured on Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Coverage of the Academy begins at the 5:43 minute mark of this segment, the first of three in a fascinating special on gifted education (CNN Vital Signs, Sept. 18, 2015).

The Davidson Academy was featured as one of America's Top High Schools 2014, which ranked more than 700 of the country’s public high schools using six key indicators. Ranked #30, the Davidson Academy is one of the top public high schools in America. The Davidson Academy also ranked #8 in the 25 Best High Schools in the West (Daily Beast, Aug. 27, 2014).

Davidson Academy of Nevada graduate Taylor Wilson was featured in the video special, "19-year-old hopes to revolutionize nuclear power." Taylor discusses his experiences attending the Academy as well as the lab he worked in on the University of Nevada, Reno campus (Rock Center with Brian Williams, June 14, 2013).

Davidson Academy student Taylor Wilson was featured in the segment, "Teenage physics wonder turns to nuclear safety." In the video, Taylor describes his educational background, exceptional interest in science, and experiences at the Davidson Academy (CBS Evening News “On the Road with Steve Hartman", March 30, 2012).

A student at the Davidson Academy of Nevada, Taylor Wilson visited the White House to meet with President Obama and was featured in the article, "President Obama Hosts the White House Science Fair" (White House Blog, Feb. 7, 2012).

The Davidson Academy of Nevada was featured in two Christian Science Monitor articles. "Back to school: Are we leaving gifted students behind?" focuses on the Academy and the overarching issue of how to improve gifted education in America. "A public school for the brightest" spotlights how the Academy works with gifted students to help them fully realize their potential (Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 31, 2011).

Davidson Academy student Taylor Wilson, along with the Academy, is featured in Chapter 1 of a book by Judy Dutton, titled Science Fair Season: Twelve Kids, a Robot Named Scorch . . . and What It Takes to Win. Dutton describes how Taylor became the youngest person in the world to build a nuclear fusion reactor (Science Fair Season, April 19, 2011).

"Challenging the Gifted," an article about the Davidson Academy, describes the many ways the Academy is striving to meet the needs of its students. Numerous students and teachers are profiled in addition to our founders, the Davidsons, and several national gifted education experts (EducationNext, Spring 2011).

The Davidson Academy of Nevada and the Davidson Young Scholars program were featured in the article, "Program for gifted students on hold amid budget crunch." The article also discusses plans to create a school for highly gifted students in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Sun, May 18, 2010).

An article about the Davidson Academy and THINK Summer Institute, “No genius left behind? Reno academy caters to really smart kids,” describes the distinctive educational and social opportunities the Academy provides gifted students (USA Today, Aug. 4, 2009).

The Davidson Academy was featured in a Time Magazine cover story, titled "Failing Our Geniuses," that explains how the Davidson Academy is leading the way in seeking improvements in gifted education in America (Time Magazine, Aug. 27, 2007).

For a brief glimpse of life at the Davidson Academy, watch this video clip entitled "Genius School" (ABC Nightline, June 4, 2007).


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