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Club Payments

Davidson Academy Club Payments Page

Welcome to the Payments page specifically for clubs for Davidson Academy families.

For each item in which you are submitting a payment, please enter the student’s full name in the corresponding field, and click “Add to Cart”.

If you would like to submit payment for more than one student for one particular item, please add only one student name on this page. After clicking “Add to Cart”, you will be taken to the “Cart Contents” page. From that page, click the “Continue Shopping” button to come back to this page. Then, please add an additional student name following the same directions. Please follow this procedure with any additional students as well.

Once you are ready to check out, you can submit payment via PayPal or credit card. Please contact with any questions.

Note: Due to recent changes by PayPal, it may appear that you need to create a PayPal account when checking out. If you do not have one or do not wish to, you do not have to create one. Click the Check out with PayPal button below to start the payment process. On the following page when you click the “Create Account & Continue” button at the bottom it will not actually create an account. The next page will let you pay with a credit card as a guest.