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Davidson Academy Online

Davidson Academy Online is a game changer for profoundly gifted students. Open to students living anywhere in the United States and Canada, this accredited online option builds off the one-of-a-kind, exceptional framework put in place by the Davidson Academy in Reno, Nev. The result is a robust online community where students thrive.

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Application System
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Different From a Traditional Online Education

DAO students benefit from:

  • Live, synchronous sessions
  • Quality peer interactions
  • Small class sizes
  • Responsive, caring instructors
  • School counseling
  • College planning
  • Prospective Learning Plans
  • Embedded opportunities for socialization
Student Life
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Unlike many traditional school settings, our gifted online classes are not grouped by age-based grades but by demonstrated ability levels.

Davidson Academy Online Course List
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Virtual Open Houses and Events

DAO virtual open houses are an opportunity for you to hear more about our school through the voices of our students, parents, and instructors. The open houses include a very brief presentation on admissions and curriculum followed by students, parents, and instructors sharing their perspectives on our school.

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Online Campus Overview Video

Learn what makes the Davidson Academy Online campus unique from firsthand accounts of those who know the school best - students, parents, instructors, and staff. Hear about the school's curriculum, social atmosphere and what makes the Davidson Academy different from all the other online schools out there. (transcript)

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A Natural Fit for Gifted Students

Read more about how Online Learning is a Natural Fit for Gifted Students and how Davidson Academy Online meets the needs of profoundly gifted students.

For more information about Davidson Academy Online, we invite you to check out a few resources below:

Visit the eligibility criteria, accepted tests, how to apply and application review process pages for more details. The 2025-2026 application will open in late 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students attend Davidson Academy Online?

Other than tuition, what additional costs can families expect to pay for Davidson Academy Online activities or fees?

If a student is enrolled in Davidson Academy Online and their sibling is also accepted, is there a tuition discount for the sibling?

Can I get a list of technology specifications for the course?

What is the minimum age to apply for Davidson Academy Online?

It seems like the Davidson Institute and Davidson Academy understand that age is not indicative of ability level, so why does Davidson Academy Online have age ranges for applicant eligibility?

When will the application process open for the next school year?

Can students take just one or two Davidson Academy online campus courses?

What type of homework is required of students?

Do you have syllabi and a list of texts that will be used for the courses?

Are Davidson Academy Online courses aligned to the Common Core State Standards?

Will the courses have live sessions or utilize pre-recorded videos?

How many students will be in each class?

Will the classes be semester- or year-long?

Are the courses self-paced?

Will students have the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates?

How will the labs work in the science classes?

Is Davidson Academy Online accredited?

What courses will be offered in future years?

Which world languages do you offer?

What type of support should parents expect to be providing at home?

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Coming to Davidson Academy Online has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I learned early on that it took hard work, organization, and a genuine desire to learn in order to succeed. So I worked on it. I grew to appreciate how much each one of my courses pushed me to be the best I could be.

Jasmine Davidson Academy Online Alumnus