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Brian K. Krolicki

Brian K. Krolicki was elected Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in November 2006. Mr. Krolicki served his second term as Nevada’s State Treasurer in 2002. During his tenure as state treasurer, he worked hard on behalf of all Nevadans at the state and national levels, earning a strong reputation along the way. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Krolicki considers his efforts to make a college education more affordable for Nevada’s families a cornerstone of his administration. He has partnered with several private sector firms to create a college savings program that now totals over $2.4 billion in assets, and the program has been recognized by Morningstar, Inc. to be one of the top three college savings plans in the country. He also assisted in the creation of Nevada’s Prepaid College Tuition Program, a program which now holds over $85 million in a trust to ensure that over 11,500 young Nevadans and their families have the peace of mind that their college tuition needs will be met in the future. Additionally, Mr. Krolicki was responsible for the “roll-out” of the Millennium Scholarship in Nevada, and he now serves as the administrator of this incredibly successful program.

In the more traditional areas of state finance, Mr. Krolicki consistently maintained the State’s strong debt ratings and successfully secured the first credit upgrades for the State’s bonds in over twenty years, saving Nevada taxpayers millions of dollars in interest costs. In the management of the more than $3.1 billion dollars in various investment portfolios under his responsibility, Mr. Krolicki consistently outperformed the strict investment performance benchmarks and was the first state treasurer in the country to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Investment Policy awarded by the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. During his tenure as state treasurer, Mr. Krolicki implemented many innovative programs and first-of-their-kind financial transactions that safely generated tens of millions of dollars in windfall earnings for the State.

On the national level, in 2002, Mr. Krolicki was unanimously elected by his peers to serve as president of the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST), which collectively represents trillions of dollars in assets. As president, he founded the NAST Committee on Corporate Governance, of which he is currently chairman, to address the complex issues of corporate governance and assist in developing solutions regarding the ongoing lack of confidence in the nation’s financial markets and many corporate boardrooms. His nationally recognized leadership on this issue led to his nomination for a seat on the Board of Directors of the New York Stock Exchange. He also serves as chairman of the NAST Foundation, which promotes financial literacy and education throughout the nation. He has worked hard to promote financial literacy in Nevada by introducing the Nevada Women’s Money Conference, a free event designed to provide the necessary tools and information to become financially educated.

In 2003, Mr. Krolicki was appointed by President George W. Bush’s administration to serve as a member of the United States Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee on Trade. In this capacity, he is one of a handful of statewide officials who have been selected to review critical trade issues and to assist in the international negotiations of trade agreements on behalf of the United States, which have substantial economic impacts on state and local governments. In May 2004, Mr. Krolicki was selected by his state treasurer colleagues to receive the Unruh Award, given to the nation’s most outstanding state treasurer. In December 2004, he was again honored by his national peers in both the private and public sectors with the highly regarded Gritz Award for Excellence in Public Finance in recognition of his leadership and innovation in the area of public debt management. He has also appeared on ABC Nightly News and The O’Reilly Factor.

Prior to entering public service, Mr. Krolicki’s private sector experience included working for Banker’s Trust Company in New York City and for Smith Barney in San Francisco, Calif. and Manama, Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. He is a graduate of Stanford University. Mr. Krolicki and his wife, Kelly, have three daughters.